St Michael the Archangel Relic: The Story of the Key Holder

St Michael the Archangel Relic: The Story of the Key Holder

The Archangel Michael is one of the most venerated figures in the Orthodox Church. What is more, he acquired the status of a great figure in the historical and cultural sense in numerous other religions too, including Islam and Judaism. His honorary position – the Archangel – means absolute responsibility for the heavenly army consisting of angels. Taking into account the incredible importance of this biblical character, it is no wonder that certain online retailers offering Christian relics for sale also have St Michael the Archangel relic in their product portfolio.

The Story of the Archangel Michael

According to historical data, people learned about Saint Michael for the first time in the 8th century BC. It is impossible to suggest where he was born and lived with precision. Nevertheless, historians agree that Persia should be considered the birthplace of the revered saint. He was a highly influential and popular persona, and thus was respected in high society.

In different religions, the personality and activities of the Archangel Michael are quite controversial. For example, in Islam, he is considered the God’s messenger. According to the beliefs of Muslims, being the advocate at the Last Judgment, this religious character protects sinners. Besides, it is believed that the Archangel has his sacred army that helps him fight the forces of evil. It is no wonder that St Michael the Archangel relic is in high demand at any respected religious artifacts store.

Christian people can read about the origin and mission of the Archangel Michael in the Bible. It says that before the appearance of Adam and Eve, there was a terrible war in Paradise. Several angels led by Lucifer rebelled against the Lord. As a result, they paid for their sins by being cast down from Heaven. Thus, Hades emerged, and the fallen angels and Lucifer became the Devil’s henchmen.

When a confrontation between the two fundamental forces (Good and Evil) happened, God needed an angel ready to stand guard over the heavenly abode. The Lord chose Saint Michael to perform this duty. Since then, Archangel Michael has been holding the keys to the gates of Paradise. According to the Catholic beliefs, Michael admits the souls of the dead to Heaven, but he is not allowed to let them out.

The Archangel Michael is an essential figure in many senses. His significance in culture and religion is enormous. For this reason, many faithful people look for the opportunity to have St Michael the Archangel relic in their possession. Luckily, today, such a venerated item is available in various relics stores. One of the most popular online retailers with an excellent reputation is The Russian Store. This trustworthy resource offers an exquisite reliquary with St Michael the Archangel relic from the Sanctuary of Saint Michael in Monte Sant’Angelo. This sacred object was made in Italy, and it dates back to the second half of the 19th century.