About Us

Russian Icon is involved in exhibiting, selling, buying, evaluation, and restoring Russian Orthodox icons thanks to its talented founder, Oleg Kushnirskiy.

He is a true professional in this specific form of religious art, who was able to appreciate the beauty, holiness, and uniqueness of Russian icons during the Soviet times and early Post-Soviet Russia when Russian religious icons were not a top priority for most people. Being a photographer by trade, Oleg traveled throughout the Soviet Union, taking photos for the Russian Public Library. One of his assignments was to show the authentic rural life in the far Russian Provenance. It was the time when Oleg first fell in love with Russian Orthodox icons he saw in many houses. Old religious people shared with him the true meaning of the Russian icon, its spiritual aspect, and unique, timeless beauty. Unfortunately, it was not the time to become a collector. However, once Oleg arrived in the United States and started working on the flea market and selling Russian memorabilia, he was able to recognize very special Russian icons among other things. In the course of time, he became not only a dealer but also a prominent collector. For today, Oleg Kushnirskiy is a distinguished expert and appraiser of antique Russian icons. His specialty goes from the 16th to 19th-century icons, and his impressive personal Orthodox icon collection built on the theme of Russian Feasts dates back to the mid-19th century. Oleg is known in close circles of museums and galleries; he works with famous auction houses throughout the US and Great Britain; and he has some of the strongest bonds with the most influential people in this industry. For this reason, at russianicon.com, we are happy to offer you only high-quality services and absolutely unique and rare Russian Orthodox Church icons from private collections.