Antique Relics for Sale at The Russian Store

Antique Relics for Sale at The Russian Store

Christianity is one of the most widespread religions. The church buildings and even church utensils represent divine works of art, the oldest of which are highly valuable. However, it is not beauty but rather religious significance that determines the value of Christian relics. Objects related to the life and death of Jesus Christ, saints, and martyrs have been venerated by believers for centuries. Relics are kept in the most significant churches in the world. Even modern science finds it hard to disprove the authenticity of these sacred items. Nevertheless, whether you believe they are real or not, the history of relics is genuinely exciting. The abundance of relics for sale presented online proves this fact. One of the most reputable religious artifacts stores, The Russian Store, has a decent choice of miraculous relics, and here are two wonderful pieces available for sale right now.

Catholic Reliquaries: Saint James Reliquary

Antique Relics for Sale at The Russian Store

James, Son of Zebedee (Saint James, Apostle James), was one of the closest disciples and followers of the Son of God. James became the Apostle along with his brother John, the evangelist and theologian. The brothers and Saint Peter – a beloved disciple of Jesus Christ – witnessed divine miracles created by their Teacher more often than other followers did.

After the Holy Spirit descended upon the Twelve Apostles, Saint James preached in Spain and other countries before returning to Jerusalem. He openly and boldly taught about Jesus as the Messiah and Savior of the world. He also condemned the unbelief and cruelty of the Pharisees and scribes.

The unrighteous Jewish people persuaded Herod Agrippa I to seize the Apostle James and sentence him to death. Saint James calmly listened to the death verdict prepared for him and continued to spread the word about the miracles of Christ. One of the informers named Josiah was struck by James’ courage. He believed the Son of God was coming to save the sinners and the virtuous. Josiah professed the faith in Christ and was beheaded together with the Apostle James in Jerusalem in 44 A.D.

Saint James relics for sale available on the official website of The Russian Store represent an oval reliquary made of bronze, glass, and red silk. This holy object was created in Italy around the 18th century.

Catholic Reliquaries: Saint Peter Relics

Antique Relics for Sale at The Russian Store

Saint Peter relics – another noteworthy relics for sale – are highly revered by the Christian people because they are related to the first leader of an early apostolic community.

Apostle Peter was one of the favorite disciples of the Messiah, accompanying Him in all the ways of His earthly life. Peter truly worshipped his Teacher, but on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, he got scared of the possible persecutions and, as predicted by the Savior, denied Him three times. Later, Saint Peter repented of it and was forgiven by Christ who then asked the Apostle to declare his love for Him three times. Saint Peter was even given the keys to Eden. For this reason, all icons of the Apostle Peter depict him holding the keys to the gates of Paradise in his hands.

Apostle Peter relics for sale available at The Russian Store represent a rounded brass reliquary covered with glass. The piece of the saint’s remains is placed on red silk. This marvelous artifact also dates back to the 18th century.

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