Deesis, early 13th century


Antique Russian Icons in the Tretyakov Gallery Collection (13th Century)

As you know, the Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery is the world’s foremost depository of Russian art. Moreover, along with such masterpieces

Icon of St. Basil the Great


Icons of Saints to Venerate in January

January is a very important month in the Orthodox calendar, marked with many significant events, including Christmas, the Circumcision of

Icon of St. Luke painting the Theotokos of Vladimir, 16th century


A Hand-Painted Icon as a Gift

Gift-giving has been an integral part of human culture since ancient times. Christmas, birthday, anniversary, and wedding are just four of

The Unexpected Joy


Holy Icons to Pray with for Healing

It is not a secret that there are many saints officially recognized by the Church, as well as there are

The Nativity of the Lord


Orthodox Icon of the Nativity: Meaning & Symbolism

Today, Orthodox Christian believers celebrate the Great Feast of the Nativity of Christ, one of the most joyful days of

The Annunciation, 1130–1140s


Antique Russian Icons in the Tretyakov Gallery Collection (12th Century)

The Tretyakov Gallery is the main and most popular museum of Russian national art in the world, distinguished by its

Antique Icons of the Mother of God Attributed to St. Luke


Antique Icons of the Mother of God Attributed to St. Luke

According to the legend, the very first Christian icon of the Mother of God was painted by St. Luke himself.

Iconostasis Annunciation and Selected Saints


New Year and Christmas Sale of Antique Russian Icons

In our previous blog post, we wrote about the latest results of the Sotheby’s London sale dedicated to antique Russian

Pendant icon of the Archangel Michael (1908-1917)


Russian Icons Auction Results from Sotheby’s London

In this blog post, we want to remember the latest Sotheby’s London sale dedicated to Russian icons and other important

Saints of the Undivided Church


Christian Icons in the “Saints of the Undivided Church” Exhibition

Several days ago, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus opened a unique exhibition of Christian icons depicting saints

The Nativity of Christ


The Ox and the Ass in the Holy Icons of the Nativity

As you know, Christmas traditions vary from nation to nation, from country to country. While Orthodox Christian believers in Eastern and

The British Museum


Antique Russian Icons in the British Museum Collection

When it comes to the best and most reputable museums, the British Museum is guaranteed to be among the first

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