Exquisite Russian Religious Icons at The Russian Store

Exquisite Russian Religious Icons at The Russian Store

Russian religious icons have long been sacred objects of worship for numerous believers all around the world. However, their divine power does not leave discerning art collectors indifferent as well, hence the appearance of a host of online retailers offering plenty of old Russian icons for everyone interested in having a miraculous artwork in their possession. One of the most known icon retail stores is The Russian Store that has a wide range of antique relics and celestial masterpieces. Here are two examples of exquisite religious paintings available there.

“The Transfiguration of Christ” Icon

Being one of the most revered antique Russian icons, “The Transfiguration of Christ” is based on the story described in all four Gospels. Jesus prophesied to His disciples that He would soon die, but three days after that, He would be resurrected. The disciples were saddened, but it was difficult for them to believe in the Master’s words about His revival because everyone considered Jesus a prophet, a Messiah, but did not know about His divine nature. A few days after this prophecy, Christ went up to pray on the mountain with John, Peter, and Jacob, who were closest of all His disciples. The event that the icon “The Transfiguration of Christ” depicts occurred here.

The transfigured image of Jesus is in the centerpiece of this beautiful example of Russian religious icons. According to the Gospels, Christ led an ascetic life; hence, His clothes were more than modest. Here, after the wondrous transfiguration, the Son of God is depicted in all His greatness and power, which is emphasized by the light blue circle surrounding His figure, the dazzling white color of His clothes, and the radiance emanating from Him. The figures of the disciples who fell prostrate in fright and the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Moses on whom the reflection of the celestial light falls represent a vivid contrast to the Savior’s image.

Icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Exquisite Russian Religious Icons at The Russian Store

Another marvelous specimen of Russian religious icons available at The Russian Store is this variation of the Holy Virgin icons. Most faithful people consider this Russian Orthodox icon a truly wonderworking and healing relic. It is used to comfort those who need salvation from all worldly sorrows, hence the name of the image. This incredible art piece appeared in the 17th century in Russia. According to art historians, the great importance in its iconography belongs to the Western European School. It is quite challenging to trace where this divine painting first appeared, but still, the image of “Joy of All Who Sorrow” is ancient.

Various versions of this icon of the Holy Mother have a different composition scheme. Many Russian religious icons of this type feature the images of saints near the Virgin Mary. Besides, since the meaning of the “Joy of All Who Sorrow” icon often indicates healing, the Mother of God is also often depicted with the figures of angels beside her.

Photo credit: The Russian Store/russianstore.com

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