First-Class Relics for Sale

Where Can You Find First-Class Relics for Sale?

Despite the fact that many Christian relics are so old that scientists cannot always confirm their authenticity, they do not lose their value. Relics are extremely popular among believers in the Catholic Church, while the Orthodox people are more likely to venerate icons. In this blog post, we’ll tell you more about relics and where you can find first-class relics for sale.

What is a relic?

A relic is a material reference to Jesus Christ or a saint. Most relics are body parts, clothing, or items that saints used during their lifetime. The faithful believe that being near a relic of a saint can help strengthen faith, heal mental and physical ailments, and protect against the evil eye.

Relics began to be used and venerated by the early Christians. The bodies of those who died for the faith in Christ – martyrs – were treated with great respect. The first Christians often gathered at the tomb of a martyr to perform the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist to be near the remains of the one who fully shared the sufferings of Christ and became a powerful patron through this. Thus, the tradition of keeping some relic of the saint in each altar used for a service or mass (in the Roman Catholic Church) was born.

Classification of relics

There are three classes of relics:

  • First-class relics are remnants or objects directly related to the life of Jesus (cross, manger, etc.) or parts of the saint’s body (bones, hair, etc.).
  • Second-class relics are pieces of clothing or objects that belonged to a saint.
  • Third-class relics are items that came in contact with the first- or second-class relics.

Objects related to the suffering and death of Jesus are a great example of first-class relics. These include the cross, the crown of thorns, the nails, the shroud (e.g., the Shroud of Turin), etc. There are also first-class relics of saints, for example, the bones of St. Peter buried under St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican. 

Where can you find first-class relics for sale?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find first-class relics for sale. They are usually kept in Catholic churches or the Vatican, but the faithful are often allowed to touch first- and second-class relics with their own heirlooms, such as a book, a rosary, pendants, or a cross.

However, it is still possible to find first-class relics for sale in specialized relic stores. If you deal with the right experts, they can help you find an authentic relic, as well as provide you with professional restoration and appraisal services that you will likely need.