Shroud of Turin Face

Christian Relics Associated with Jesus Christ

Christian relics that are somehow related to the lives of the saints, prophets, the Mother of God, and Jesus Christ are highly revered objects in Christianity. True relics are consecrated by the Church and have different degrees of importance. It is needless to say that relics associated with Jesus Christ are considered the most revered. Below we will discuss a few of the most famous and significant relics, the historical and religious value of which has been confirmed by many churches around the world.

The authenticity of Jesus Christ relics

The primary issue surrounding relics associated with Jesus Christ involves their authenticity and historical significance. Today, many relics have not been yet confirmed by the Church. For instance, while scholars are still debating whether Jesus Christ was crucified with three or four nails, there are now about thirty of them in different parts of the world.

Although veneration of relics is less common in the Orthodox Church than the veneration of religious icons, there are several presumably authentic relics related to the Savior’s life, which stand out from the crowd.

Christian relics associated with Jesus Christ

1. Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most renowned Christ relics. This artifact represents the cloth that is believed to be the one that Jesus Christ was wrapped in after His death. A full-length projection of a man and bloody wounds remain on this linen cloth. A number of studies have shown that the shroud was created around 33 AD.

The valuable relic is now stored in the Italian city of Turin. The Orthodox Church is far from consensus on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. However, many clergymen have noted its religious significance.

Christian Relics Associated with Jesus Christ

2. Veil of Veronica

The Veil of Veronica is another Jesus Christ relic that is highly revered in Christianity. According to the legend, St. Veronica gave this veil to Jesus so that He could wipe the blood and sweat from His face as He went to be crucified. The face of Christ is believed to be imprinted on this thin cloth. The Vatican considers the relic one of the most valuable in the Christian world.

Christian Relics Associated with Jesus Christ

3. Manoppello Image

The Manoppello Image is the holy depiction of Jesus’s face, which is kept in a church in the Italian village of Manoppello. It is another piece of the most significant Christian relics associated with Jesus Christ.

The Holy Face is considered to be non-man-made, meaning that divine forces took part in its creation. Scientific research unequivocally confirms that the Manoppello Image originates from Jerusalem. Many believe that it is the true Veil of Veronica.

Christian Relics Associated with Jesus Christ

Christian relics associated with Jesus Christ are incredibly valuable artifacts of cultural and religious importance. You can learn more about them in our future blog posts.