The Best Place to Appraise and Sell Your Antique Icons

The Best Place to Appraise and Sell Your Antique Icons

Many Russian families scattered across the globe preserve Russian Orthodox icons as part of their heritage, a cultural legacy of their dynasties, or sweet memories about their ancestors. The older the icon, the higher its cost and value; hence, in case you decide to part with an antique icon, then you may expect a generous compensation for such a rare and valuable artifact of the Russian history, culture, and religion. Antique icons sell well at auctions and enjoy high demand among buyers. For instance, at the recent Sotheby’s auction, a 17th-century antique icon of the Archangel Michael “Voevoda” was sold for over $10,000, and an early 20th-century icon of Christ and the Samaritan woman also hit the $10,000 mark though being a comparatively fresh work of Russian icon art.

Today, numerous collectors are increasingly interested in acquiring antique icons from Russia for various reasons – either as appreciators of Russian iconography as a unique form of visual art, or as dedicated Christians wishing to have their own shrines and relics to worship. However, since most of them attend galleries and online auctions, it’s pretty hard to get in contact with potential buyers to offer your rare, precious belonging. But with Russian Icon, you have a chance to sell your icon at a reasonable price without risks and concerns. If you have antique icons for sale, contact Russian Icon managers to get it appraised and to conclude a lucrative deal for your relic.

You can even perform an independent preliminary appraisal of your icon to determine its price range. Just answer a couple of questions about it:

  • Is it of good quality? (Consider bold or shabby pigment; fine detail; quality and sophistication of brush strokes)
  • How old is it? (Obviously, you may not know for sure, but even an approximate estimate may shed light on the valuation of such artwork)
  • How rare is it? (To answer this question, you may need to do some research, but if your icon turns out a rarity, it will pay off)
  • Is it in a good condition? (For precious, rare, and highly demanded icons, condition won’t matter much as a price determinant. Some collectors even like shabby, faded icons for the natural, aged look).

Unsure about sale? No problem! We can give you a verbal appraisal of the icon’s value at no cost and provide you a brief estimate of its market value in case of retail and wholesale deals. The icon’s price estimation is based on the quality and condition of the icon, its age, rarity, and authenticity. Contact us today to get your antique icons evaluated and sold lucratively! Your family shrine is in safe hands here!

We Buy Icons and Antiques

Russian Icon is always looking to purchase authentic antique Russian icons and religious artifacts created in the 19th century or earlier. We are interested in all types of quality hand-painted icons and relics. Our team of professional experts has a wide range of knowledge in a variety of areas related to Eastern Orthodox Church icons and is able to handle the purchase of even the most valuable collection. Moreover, Russian Icon offers accurate, honest financial appraisals for all possible religious icon collections, ranging from full estates to single items. In other words, if you are looking to sell your antique icon or a whole collection, you are in the right place! Just let us know, and we will give you the true value of your Orthodox icon or religious artifact. We will be happy to handle any of your selling needs while providing an unrivaled personal service. At Russian Icon, we believe that no antique icon collection is too large!