The Archangel Michael as a Symbol of Protection and Justice

The Archangel Michael as a Symbol of Protection and Justice

The Church has always taught that each of us is guarded by a particular angel. We are entrusted to the care and protection of a completely pure and sinless creature who is a messenger of God. In Christian theology, there is one figure that stands at the head of the heavenly hosts and represents a generalized image of all angels. The Archangel Michael as a symbol of justice and protection of the entire humanity holds a crucial place in Christianity. Let’s find out why he is so revered by all Christian believers.

The Archangel Michael as a symbol of protection and justice

The Archangel Michael is believed to be the supreme angel and the chief commander of the bodiless powers. His name literally means “who is like God.” According to the tradition, it was Michael who asked the angels this question when the Morning Star rebelled against the Lord. He led an army of angels faithful to God and cast Lucifer down, along with other fallen angels. This biblical episode serves as the primary reason why Christian doctrine considers the Archangel Michael as a symbol of protection and fight against evil.

The Archangel Michael as a Symbol of Protection and JusticeSince ancient times, the Archangel Michael has been praised as the protector of soldiers serving their land and their loved ones with faith. As an opponent of all that is evil on earth, he symbolizes spiritual purity and firmness when leading the fight against injustice.

Moreover, it is believed that the Archangel Michael guarded the gates of paradise after the banishment of Adam and Eve, and he was the one through whom God delivered the Ten Commandments to the human world.

The image of the soldier in Christian iconography

In Christian icons, the Archangel Michael is most often depicted as a soldier with a spear. Several other Christian symbols, such as the Greek monogram of the name of Jesus Christ, the cross, and the Star of David, may also be present in his icons. Besides, to show the Archangel Michael as a symbol of the protection of mankind, icons may have references to his miraculous deeds. 

The Archangel Michael is the closest angel to God, who is highly revered in the Christian Church. Religious icons of Michael assist believers in resisting evil forces and wicked enemies.

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