St Michael the Archangel Facts

St Michael the Archangel Facts You Didn’t Know

The Archangel Michael is one of the most well-known angels of God. As a leader and commander of the heavenly host, Michael holds a prominent position in the Christian religion as a whole. But is there much we know about this Archangel? Below you will find some interesting St Michael the Archangel facts you may not have heard about. 

St Michael the Archangel facts you didn’t know

1. Angel of three religions

The Archangel Michael is known not only among Christians. He is also the patron saint of the Jewish people. The Jews hold Michael in high esteem, relying on the texts of the Old Testament. The third religion where the Archangel is a significant figure is Islam. Religious texts of Islam describe him as an angel with emerald wings.

2. Legend of the miracle in Chonae

In the city of Chonae, there was a man named Archippus, who had a deaf daughter. One day, the Archangel Michael appeared to him and told him to take his daughter to a spring and let her drink from it. The daughter was healed by the holy water and began to speak. After that, the family was baptized, and a temple was built near the spring to honor Saint Michael.

3. The Archangel Michael and Lucifer

It is known that Lucifer (translated as “morning star”), along with some other angels, rebelled against God. To oppose them, the Archangel Michael led the heavenly host and deposed Lucifer from Heaven.

4. Attributes of the Archangel Michael

Some St Michael the Archangel facts that you probably did not know are also related to his attributes. Traditionally, Orthodox icons depict him armored with a sword or spear in his hand, opposing a dragon or other evil forces. However, his attributes may also include a globe, scales, a cross, and a shield with the inscription Quis ut Deus (“Who is like God”).

5. PatronageSt Michael the Archangel Facts

The Archangel Michael is the patron saint of soldiers, jewelers, and surveyors. He is also the patron saint of a good death.

6. The plague in Rome

In the year 590 when an epidemic of plague was raging in Rome, the city witnessed a miracle. During a procession through Rome, Pope Gregory the Great saw the Archangel Michael standing on top of Hadrian’s Mausoleum. After the appearance, the plague began to recede. Later, a sculpture of St. Michael was installed on the mausoleum to commemorate this miracle.

These were little-known St Michael the Archangel facts. Don’t miss our new blog posts to learn more about religious art and Christian saints!