Orthodox Icons of the Holy Prophet Jeremiah

Orthodox Icons of the Holy Prophet Jeremiah

Holy icons are of immense importance to all Orthodox believers. In the religious world, icons are often referred to as “theology in colors.” It is indeed true, as the depicted scenes and images of saints allow people to glimpse into biblical stories and even examine certain religious issues. For example, Orthodox icons of the Holy Prophet Jeremiah tell an incredible story of the saint’s life, making them highly valuable to all Orthodox Christians.

Jeremiah – one of the four Old Testament prophets

The prophet Jeremiah is often called the forerunner of Christ, as due to the gift of prophecy he received at an early age by the will of God, he predicted the arrival of Jesus and the events that followed.

Jeremiah was born 600 years before Christ’s birth to a priestly family. When the boy was about 15 years old, the Almighty called him to service and promised His protection and aid. From then on, Jeremiah, who received the gift of prophecy, began to fulfill the Lord’s will, spreading His word throughout Judea and warning all unbelievers of future misfortune.

The service of the Prophet Jeremiah displeased many Jews who mocked him and disbelieved his prophecies saying that the Jews would be put into slavery by the king of Babylon. When the prophecy came true and Jerusalem fell, Jeremiah wrote “The Book of Lamentations,” a now-famous book in which he lamented the terrible fate of the Jewish people.

It is interesting that the Holy Prophet Jeremiah is often compared to Jesus Christ. Both are similar in their compassion and unmercenary service to people, and both were chosen by the Lord and killed by men who lacked faith.

Orthodox icons of the Prophet Jeremiah and their description

Orthodox Icons of the Holy Prophet Jeremiah

The Prophet Jeremiah is often depicted alone, but his image can also be found in the icons of the prophetic series, with other saints depicted beside him.

Orthodox icons show the Prophet Jeremiah in stature, holding a scroll of prophecy in his hands. Traditionally, he is depicted as an old man with shoulder-length hair and a long beard. With its deep colors and distinctive proportions, the image of the Prophet carries richness and dynamism.

Orthodox icons of the Holy Prophet Jeremiah are a sacred heritage of the Orthodox Christian world. Many believers venerate his icons and sincerely believe in their miraculous power.