Orthodox Christian Icons of Saint James, the Brother of the Lord

Orthodox Christian Icons of Saint James, the Brother of the Lord

Orthodox Christian icons of saints are highly revered by many believers due to their meaningful depictions of significant figures who influenced the development of Christianity as a religion. One of such prominent figures was Saint James, the Brother of the Lord, who is also called James the Just. Read our new blog post to know more about James and his religious icons. 

Who was James, the Brother of the Lord?

Saint James was the first bishop of Jerusalem and one of the Apostles of Christ. He is called the Brother of the Lord because of his relationship with Jesus Christ. According to the Gospel of James, he was the son of Joseph the Betrothed from his previous marriage. However, Saint James could also be Christ’s cousin. Being close to Jesus, he devoted all his life to spreading the word of God.

According to the Christian tradition, shortly after His resurrection, Christ appeared to James to appoint him chief bishop of the Jerusalem church. For 30 years, Saint James spread the Christian faith throughout Jerusalem and Palestine. Many Jews were converted and believed in God during that time, for which James, the Brother of the Lord, is regarded as a significant figure in the history of Christianity. It is also important to note that Saint James participated in the Apostolic Council in the year 51, where his word was decisive, and the epistle he wrote was included in the New Testament.

For his sermons, St. James was executed by the Jews in Jerusalem. 

Orthodox Christian icons of Saint James, the Brother of the Lord

Orthodox Christian icons of Saint James often show him alone, dressed in a white sticharion with patterns of red and black flowers and a phelonion with a red lining featuring embroidered crosses.

In most Orthodox icons, James is depicted as a middle-aged man with wavy dark hair and a beard. He holds an open scroll in his one hand, while his other hand is stretched out in a gesture of blessing. The icon can also contain an inscription at the top, saying “St. James, the Brother of the Lord.”

Saint James is indeed a significant figure for the entire Christian world. Apart from sharing the word of the Lord throughout his life, he was a very righteous person. The Saint fully devoted himself to the holy faith, proclaiming Christ as the Messiah. It is no wonder that Orthodox Christian icons of James, the Brother of the Lord, are so highly venerated by the believers.

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