Religious Artifact

How to Preserve a Religious Artifact

Religious relics and artifacts are highly venerated sacral items in the Christian Church. Since they are passed down for generations, their maintenance and safety are the most crucial things to consider. Unfortunately, every religious artifact deteriorates with time. To preserve the precious pieces for future generations, you should know the basics of their handling. In this blog post, we share some tips for keeping Christian relics in the best condition for years ahead.

Tips on how to preserve a religious artifact

1. Temperature

Temperature control is the key to the proper storage of any religious artifact. Whether it is an antique Russian icon of Christ painted on wood, an old metal cross, or a paper manuscript, you should keep it in a room with a temperature level of around 60-80 °F. Do not store religious relics in attics and basements since such spaces usually have a negative impact on the appearance and preservation of the object.

2. Light

Christian artifacts should not be displayed in a heavily lit area. Light may cause the deterioration of a sacred object, so place your treasures far from windows and other light sources in your home. If you use relics for prayer purposes, keep them in a clean and windowless room near your icon corner.

3. Pests

Pests are some of the most dangerous enemies to any religious artifact, especially those made of textiles, wood, or paper. To keep your pieces safe, regularly clean them, inspect for damages, and seal your windows. Another factor that affects the preservation of Christian relics and causes the growth of mold, moths, and insects is the improper level of humidity.

4. Humidity

Do not store religious pieces in areas with high humidity levels. Humidity promotes mold growth on paper and textile artifacts and rust on metal. You should provide a stable humidity of about 45-55%.

5. Moving

If you are going to move your religious artifacts, you should be extremely careful to avoid any damage. When it comes to shipping textiles and paper pieces, use acid-free mat boards. Make sure that your relics are not placed too close to each other and have some extra padding of quality materials. Do not forget about cotton gloves when touching the delicate surfaces of your sacred pieces.

Storing a religious artifact at home is not an easy task. However, if you follow these tips, you can ensure the best and safest preservation of any Christian piece in your home.