How to Choose and Where to Purchase an Icon of the Mother of God?

How to Choose and Where to Purchase an Icon of the Mother of God?

The image of the Mother of God is highly revered in the Christian tradition. It is one of the most widespread iconographic types, featuring about 300 wonder-working icons. Because of such a vast number of religious icons of the Mother of God, it is sometimes difficult to choose an appropriate image for the home. Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to tell you how to choose and where to purchase an icon of the Mother of God.

How to choose an icon of the Mother of God?

Icons depicting the Mother of God reflect the purity, light, and incredible love that heals the soul and body of everyone who prays before these shrines. However, before you purchase an icon of the Mother of God, it is worth knowing what types of the Theotokos iconography exist and what their purpose is.

As mentioned above, there is a large number of copies, but there are only five main styles of the Theotokos icons: Oranta, Hodegetria, Eleusa, Panakranta, and Agiosoritissa. Each type differs in the way it depicts the Virgin Mary. Let’s look at the main examples of such icons and their purposes.

Our Lady of Vladimir (Eleusa)

Our Lady of Vladimir is one of the most popular images of the Theotokos. It is believed that it was painted by the Apostle Luke when the Mother of God was still alive. This icon helps get rid of troubles and heals mental and physical illnesses.

Our Lady of Kazan (Hodegetria)

The icon of Our Lady of Kazan is a wonder-working icon that belongs to the Hodegetria type. People turn to this shrine before making an important decision, with requests for the healing of the eyes, and with prayers for the protection of the homeland.

The Feodorovskaya icon of the Mother of God (Eleusa)

This religious icon can help keep the peace, happiness in the family, and children’s health. Besides, this image is often given as a wedding gift.

Inexhaustible Chalice (Oranta)

This shrine is well-known among Christian believers. People pray in front of it for the strengthening of their faith, healing of diseases, and deliverance from addiction.

Where to purchase an icon of the Mother of God?

The most secure place to purchase an icon of the Theotokos is a church or monastery, of course. Besides, you can consult a priest and consecrate the icon there.

Alternatively, you can buy an icon at a dedicated store, as well as from reputable dealers specializing in selling religious relics.

It is important to note that buying an icon is better done if you listen to your heart. The icon of the Mother of God is a true spiritual treasure that serves as an aid in guiding one to the true path. Just listen to yourself, and you will make the right choice.

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