Holy Icons to Protect Your Home

Holy Icons to Protect Your Home

According to the longstanding tradition, most religious icons are created following the canons of iconography and iconometry. Moreover, iconographers fast and pray before painting holy icons, not to mention that they are blessed for this purpose by a priest. All this makes religious icons a significant and highly distinctive part of Eastern Orthodox culture. They are indeed much more than simply beautiful paintings used to decorate churches and cathedrals. Besides, as you already know, holy icons can be found in homes of many Orthodox Christian believers who create a so-called Russian icon corner intended to bind the family in common prayer.

Each icon corner is unique and may include various holy icons, from the most venerated icons of Christ and the Mother of God to the icons of local saints and feasts. In our previous articles, we wrote about a whole range of different icons chosen by Christian believers, but this time, let’s focus more on the images that can protect your family and home.

Holy icons to pray with for family and home protection

1. Icon of St. Nikita, Bishop of Novgorod (see photo above) – protects against negative impact, evil eye, and spell attacks. Plus, this icon helps cope with the nervous atmosphere at home, as well as removes fears and anxiety.

2. Icon of John the Warrior – protects home and belongings from thieves and burglars, which makes it a must-have for those living in a violent or rough area. Besides, this religious icon helps find lost and stolen things.

Icon of John the Warrior

3. Icon of the Mother of God “The Burning Bush” – protects home and property against fires, as well as direct or indirect lightning strikes and various other misfortunes. In addition, this type of holy icons of the Mother of God gives healing and relieves stress.

Icon of the Mother of God “The Burning Bush”

4. Icon of St. Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous – helps solve various family and house problems, including those related to the purchase of household appliances and furniture. Plus, this icon helps with renting and buying affordable housing.

Icon of St. Spyridon Bishop of Trimythous

5. Icon of the Mother of God of Ostra Brama – protects from envious persons and unwanted guests, as well as against quarrels, spell attacks, negative energy, and evil spirits. Besides, it is believed that ill-wishers cannot enter the home if it is protected by this religious icon.

Icon of the Mother of God of Ostra Brama

Hopefully, this list of holy icons will help you choose the right one for your own family and home. Keep reading our blog to learn more about these beautiful representations of the divine!

Photo credit: Wikipedia/wikipedia.org