Artifacts of Christianity That Went Missing Without a Trace

Artifacts of Christianity That Went Missing Without a Trace

Many Bible stories tell about artifacts from the past, which became sacred with the passage of time. A good example is the alleged relics of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, to say nothing of numerous items that were left after saints and martyrs. While many such antique remnants and fragments have been discovered, there are still quite a few artifacts of Christianity that neither archeologists nor anthropologists have been able to find. What are they?

Artifacts of Christianity that went missing without a trace

1. The True Cross

The True Cross—upon which Jesus was crucified—was supposedly found by Empress Helena during her travel to Jerusalem on September 13, 320. After that, it was broken up into shards and distributed among churches. Nowadays, many people claim to own original fragments of the relic, but it cannot be proved via any known scientific method.

2. The Holy Grail

A similar story awaited the Holy Grail, probably one of the most well-known artifacts of Christianity. The holy cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper has never been officially found. Only in 2014, two Spanish archeologists, José Ortega del Rio and Margarita Torres, claimed to have discovered it in Leon, Spain. It wasn’t proved to be true, though.

3. The Ark of the Covenant

The legendary Ark of the Covenant was built by Moses to store the Ten Commandments. As of today, no one knows what happened to the relic after Babylonians invaded Jerusalem. What scientists did find was the Biblical home of the Ark.

4. Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark belongs to the list of some of the most recognizable artifacts of Christianity. Despite its huge size, the vessel has never been found. Moreover, the scholars have very little hope to spot its location or, at least, the remnants of the large ship in the future.

5. The Q source

Compared to other religious artifacts on the list, the Q source is a less known item. According to the legend, it was the collection of Jesus’s sayings. It indeed remained a legend, and yet it gave birth to the theory widely known as the two-source theory.

Despite a lot of excavations in Egypt, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan, scientists didn’t manage to find a single trace of those artifacts of Christianity that you see above. Every item remains a mystery, and who knows whether humanity will be able to discover the truth behind them in the days to come. The chances are that they went missing forever, but it is a little soon to say. Only time will tell.