Seraphim of Sarov

4 Spiritual Teachings of Seraphim of Sarov

Seraphim of Sarov was a Russian monk and ascetic who is believed to be a wonder-worker. In 1903, he was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church. Living in solitude for about 25 years, the saint performed various miracles and gave a lot of spiritual advice to pilgrims who visited him in the woods. However, he is more remembered for his monastic teachings regarding the meaning of Christian life and the achievement of enlightenment. Below you will find the four spiritual lessons of this remarkable Russian saint.

4 spiritual teachings of Seraphim of Sarov

1. On peace of mind

In his teachings, St. Seraphim of Sarov gave a lot of talks on peace of mind. Primarily, being an ascetic, he stressed that nothing contributes to the enrichment of inner peace but silence. It is essential to communicate more with oneself and less with others.

As the Russian monk stated, believers should focus their desires, thoughts, and actions on gaining peace within themselves to obtain the peace of God.

2. On the care of the soul

The saint compared the human body to a lit candle. It burns out just like a person dies. But the soul of every person is immortal, so it is necessary to be primarily concerned about it rather than about the body. The latter must be sustained to strengthen the spirit and the faith.

The elder recalled numerous saints and righteous men, such as St. John Chrysostom. He pointed to the purity of their bodies and thoughts, stressing that their lives were devoted to the care of the soul.

3. How do we treat our nearest and dearest?

Seraphim of Sarov spoke about the attitude toward others as follows, “Our life is worthless if our words and actions are not honest to others. If you believe in God, it is a great sin to bear malice and hatred, even toward the enemies.”

These are incredibly powerful words. One who is engaged in discovering oneself does not have time to judge or watch over others.

4. How does a Christian treat a non-believer?

The holy elder made a wise remark concerning the attitude toward non-believers. The saint said that if one has no desire to listen, then spiritual matters should not be discussed. It is better to keep such things within one’s heart and to reveal the mysteries to a believer.

Seraphim of Sarov is one of the most beloved saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is no wonder that his religious icons have always been highly venerated. Besides, they are believed to help strengthen the faith and heal the soul of the believers.