Why Do Art Collectors Buy Icons?

Why Do Art Collectors Buy Icons?

Collecting religious art is a challenging task requiring both knowledge and a certain internal motivation. Some do it for the sake of faith, while for others, it is a family tradition. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why people choose to buy icons.

Collecting icons is a special ritual and process that offers its merits. Read on to learn more about the reasons why it is worth collecting religious icons.

Why do art collectors buy icons?

1. To maintain the iconographic tradition

Collectors of religious icons are, to some extent, temporary keepers of history and tradition of iconography and religion in general. Oftentimes, people collect icons of a particular period or style, thus preventing sacred objects from getting lost in the cycle of the world with its incredible speed of development. Art collectors are familiar with the feeling of desire to preserve old traditions and forms of culture so that they do not disappear over the years.

2. To broaden the perspective

To buy icons without extending your knowledge of the history of this phenomenon and the sacral meaning of these objects is not enough. If you are a passionate collector, it is natural for you to enjoy the process of broadening your horizons and cultural background. Religious icons will undoubtedly give you this opportunity.

3. To awaken a sense of aesthetics

Hand-painted icons impress many people, both believers and non-believers, with their visual beauty. They represent exquisitely performed spiritual pieces based on the canons that can awaken your sense of aesthetics. A bright range of colors, shining halos above the heads of the saints, and peaceful faces – all these elements fascinate people and allow them to enjoy the nature of art.

4. To enhance the hobby

Icons are now highly valued, as they represent an ancient iconographic tradition and religious canons. Therefore, to collect icons is worth it if you want to gain new experience and move your hobby to a new level. By getting in touch with representatives of museums, monasteries, and other art collectors, you become a member of a special community, which will further contribute to the advancement and development of your hobby.

Hopefully, these reasons why you should buy icons and start your collection were beneficial to you. Collecting sacred objects like religious icons can be a great experience and an opportunity to gain new knowledge you are looking for.