The Significance of Religious Icons of Christ

The Significance of Religious Icons of Christ

When speaking about icons, all Christians have in mind the love and harmony that these sacred items bring out. Their importance is so vast for believers that they turn to icons whenever they face tough times to heal the soul and strengthen the faith. The most significant and miraculous icons are icons of Christ. There is a huge variety of icons of Jesus Christ and many of these divine images have healing powers.

The holy image of Our Lord

In the Old Testament, it was forbidden to depict God since people did not see His image. However, in Christian texts, there are several descriptions of the appearance of Christ, all reproducing the same basic type. He is described as a tall middle-aged man with dark hair, whose eyes are pure and shiny. This is how Jesus Christ is depicted in icons; this is His canonical image that is close and recognizable to us.

Christ’s image is mainly complemented by a halo over His head, which symbolizes the Divine Light and shows Our Lord as the union of earthly and heavenly origins. In His hands, Christ usually holds the Bible or a piece of parchment. The Almighty God can be depicted sitting on a throne, in full length, or half-length.

The purpose of the icons of Christ

The image of Jesus Christ is the heart of any church or home iconostasis. Any icon of Christ the Savior has great power if the prayer is said with sincere faith.

The icons of Christ serve as an intermediary between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earthly world. Before the image, people pray for the cure of serious ailments, for support in every grief, and ask God to guide them to the true path and avoid doubts when making the right choice. What is important is not simply to ask for the blessing of the Almighty, but also to thank Him. Prayers must be said sincerely, with all your heart. Besides, you can make prayer requests not only for yourself but also for your family, as well as pray to God for the unity and strengthening of love. After all, icons of Christ play a huge role in family relationships.

Thus, icons of Jesus Christ are an inseparable component in building your faith and healing from mental and physical ailments. It is no wonder that they are highly venerated all over the Christian world.