St Michael icon

Who Should Pray with St Michael Icon?

Every Orthodox believer knows about the Archangel Michael and his divine power. The saint’s role in the Christian tradition is extremely important. St Michael icon is among the most revered relics, and many Orthodox Christians have received healing for their physical and mental ailments through it. Michael is the protector of fighters and the Christian faith and the destroyer of evil. Moreover, the Archangel Michael is credited with victory over the devil and participation in the Last Judgment where he will summon souls as the head of the heavenly host. But how is the Archangel Michael depicted in icons? And who should pray with his icons?

St Michael icon: key features

The Archangel Michael is the leader of the Heavenly Host and the closest angel to God, so he is most often depicted in the Orthodox icons wearing warrior attire, i.e., a chiton and cloak. Sometimes, he bears metallic armor and a scarlet cloak (as a Roman commander).

St Michael’s vestment plays an important role in understanding his spiritual image. The Archangel’s head is often covered with a band, indicating his gift of hearing the Lord’s commands. The attributes Michael holds are also symbolic. The mirror signifies divine power, the orb means power, and the fiery sword indicates a struggle for justice. There are full- and half-length icons of the saint.

Who does the Archangel Michael help?

Orthodox believers highly revere St Michael icon. The saint is considered the protector of all mankind and can help with any challenges.

According to tradition, the Archangel Michael is the main patron saint of soldiers and those fighting for light and good. This heavenly messenger was endowed with extraordinary strength and courage so that every believer can ask him for the same.

In addition, people pray with the saint’s icons for the following:

  • prevention of war;
  • protection from enemies;
  • healing of illnesses;
  • safety in travel;
  • any doubts or worries;
  • help in military affairs;
  • help before important events;
  • strengthening of faith.

St Michael icon would make an excellent gift for service members, sailors, travelers, soldiers, and any Christian believer who needs help. It is believed that the Archangel Michael assists in dealing with enemies and inner demons.

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