Archangel Michael symbols

The Archangel Michael Symbols and Their Metaphorical Meanings

Saint Michael is arguably the most powerful and well-known angel in Christianity. In fact, he is the archangel, which means an angel of high rank. According to the Orthodox Church, he is referred to as the chief commander of the Heavenly hosts and is responsible for defending the Church and opposing Satan. That is why so many Christians use the icons featuring Michael as the protection against war, conflicts, and death. Little do people know what is depicted in those icons, as there are several typical variations of them, each including different symbolic items that bear significance. Let’s dig into the world of the Archangel Michael symbols and their metaphorical meanings.

The Archangel Michael symbols and their metaphorical meanings

Below you will find some of the most common objects associated with and depicted together with the Archangel Michael. Let’s take a look.

Sword & spear and a shield

Michael wields a massive spear or sword given to him by God to fight his brother Lucifer. Together with a shield, such weaponry symbolizes the power given to the saint and his holy mission to protect those who trust the Lord in times of trouble.

Crown & banners

Crown on his head and banners on a trumpet, which will be mentioned a bit later, are some other excellent Archangel Michael symbols. These are the embodiment of his power and privilege. Let’s not forget that he is the chief of the Lord’s army and thus has a superior status among other angels.

Colors of his skin, attire & armor

Saint Michael’s icons usually focus on three colors: golden, red, and blue. For example, golden armor signalizes the perfection and finality of Saint Michael’s figure as a commander. His blue attire under scale mail expresses the feeling of protection, faith, and courage. At the same time, his skin is red, which indicates the presence of fire of dignity in his heart and body.

Golden trumpet

The sound of the trumpet denotes military strength, as it was used as a signaling instrument during battles. The Archangel is often depicted blowing the trumpet while thrusting the spear into the mouth of the devil, which adds a taste of victory to the connotation and makes the trumpet one of the most interesting Archangel Michael symbols in the icon.

To wrap it up

The Archangel Michael symbols prove the powerful holiness and importance of the saint for Christianity. They are also a wonderful example of rich symbolism in Russian iconography that never ceases to amaze people.