St Basil icon

St Basil Icon: Features and History

Saint Basil the Great is considered one of the most revered Orthodox saints and church figures. His gift as a theologian brought him fame and recognition among many Christian believers. Besides, the saint stood against Arianism and other church heresies. It is no wonder that St Basil icon is an important religious relic that is often displayed in Orthodox churches and temples around the world.

Saint Basil – The Great Churchman

Saint Basil was born in 330 in Caesarea. The boy grew up in a family of devout Christians. It is interesting that the Church also consecrated four other children in his family as saints. St. Basil studied Christian dogmas, rhetoric, philosophy, and medicine. After his education in Constantinople and Athens, he began to teach rhetoric. The saint made numerous pilgrimages to Jerusalem and traveled to Syria, Palestine, and other countries.

Thanks to his ecclesiastical activities and writings, Christian Church has established the norms of monastic life. St. Basil the Great wrote and put into practice the basic principles of monasticism. He is considered the founder of communal monasticism in the Eastern Orthodox Church. St. Basil’s theological works influenced the development of the Christian faith at large. Many of them have survived up to the present day.

Saint Basil the Great possessed the gift of healing. Many legends and traditions tell about miraculous salvations of sick people through his prayers. St. Basil is called the Great for a reason: he was an ascetic, a teacher, a theologian, and a scholar. He was also elected by the Council of Saints as bishop of Caesarea.

 St Basil icon features

St Basil icon traditionally depicts him wearing clergy vestments. In his one hand, the saint holds the Gospel, and his other hand is raised in a gesture of blessing. Russian Orthodox icons depict the figure of Basil the Great on a golden background. The image of the saint wearing a green robe contrasts vividly against the yellow background. His wise and deep eyes are staring straight at the viewer. The facial features are accurate, devoid of any emotions. Saint Basil iconography is marked by softness and a harmonious combination of different colors and composition elements.

Believers pray with St Basil icon for the healing of illnesses and the strengthening of faith. Besides, one can ask the saint for support in any earthly matter and while making an important decision.

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