Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir

The Russian Sacred Art Exhibition of Antique Russian Icons

As you know, there are not so many museums of antique Russian icons in the US. However, if you want to learn more about these stunning examples of religious art, you do not necessarily need to visit Russia. For example, the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts features more than 1,000 amazing exhibits in its collection so that you are sure to have an experience you will never forget. Plus, there is one more museum dedicated to Russian art in the US you should not miss. We are now talking about the Museum of Russian Art located in Minneapolis. Moreover, it has recently introduced its new exhibition of antique Russian icons, titled “Russian Sacred Art: Connecting Heaven and Earth.”

The Museum of Russian Art

Founded by Raymond and Susan Johnson in 2002, the Museum of Russian Art, which is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is considered the largest private collection of Russian Realist paintings outside Russia. However, in addition to some of the finest examples of the 20th-century Russian paintings, it also features a unique selection of Russian icons, porcelain, lacquer art, photography, textiles, and other artworks. Plus, the Museum of Russian Art is known for sponsoring different concerts, seminars, lectures, and other events dedicated to Russian culture and art.

The Russian Sacred Art Exhibition

Bringing together more than fifty unique antique Russian icons and artifacts from the 19th century, loaned from a remarkable private collection, the “Russian Sacred Art: Connecting Heaven and Earth” exhibition is undoubtedly a must-visit event for all connoisseurs of Russian icon art. Besides, it will be interesting for all other visitors too thanks to a whole range of religious icons of saints venerated by both Orthodox and Catholic believers, including St. Nicholas icon and holy icons depicting St. Mary Magdalene and St. Barbara. One more noteworthy object included in the “Russian Sacred Art” exhibition is a beautiful altar cross used in Eastern Orthodox liturgies, which is loaned from the collection of the University of St. Thomas.

The “Russian Sacred Art: Connecting Heaven and Earth” exhibition is on view at the Main Gallery of the Museum of Russian Art located at 5500 Stevens Ave S. and will run until March 3, 2018. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for students, and $8 for seniors 65+. Members and children under 14 are free. Do not miss your chance to visit this unique exhibition of antique Russian icons and artifacts in Minneapolis!

Photo credit: The Museum of Russian Art/tmora.org