Protection Icon

Protection Icon. Saints to Turn to for Home Protection

You can find a protection icon in the icon corner in every Christian home. Consecrated in the church, it is aimed at maintaining peace in the family and saving the household from jinx and bad thoughts, as well as from different disasters and evil intentions.

It is worth mentioning that Christians do not pray to the icon itself. Icons of saints serve as guides for prayer to facilitate perception and help believers visualize an intangible image.

Protection icon with the Theotokos image

One of the most revered images in the icon corner is a protection icon with the Theotokos image. It is believed that the Virgin of Vladimir and the Theotokos of Tikhvin contribute to strengthening relations between parents and children. With these icons, religious people pray for health and children`s good behavior. The icon of the Burning Bush saves from fire. Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn is a more universal icon, which protects the home from a hostile power, damage, and envious and unwanted guests. The Theotokos icon of the Seven Arrows has a similar role. It is usually placed beyond the icon corner, against the front door, to protect the home from any evil intending to “come into.”

Protection icon with the image of the saint 

Icon of Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon was a wonderworker and the Bishop of the city of Tremetousia (modern Northern Cyprus). The saint is revered for his responsiveness, goodwill, righteousness, and miracles performed during his life. He can help with solving everyday issues, from housing rental to furniture buying.

Icon of John the Warrior

Serving in the army of the Roman Emperor Julian and formally taking part in the persecutions of Christians, John helped the persecuted hide, run away from the prison, and informed them of the danger. Icons with the image of John the Warrior protect against theft, loss, and robbery.

Icon of Nicetas of Novgorod

At the age of 11, Nicetas secluded himself in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, where he was tempted by the devil. Only with the help of older monks, the young man managed to cast out the demon and continue serving the Lord in deep humility. Today, Christians pray with the icons of Nicetas of Novgorod to see the truth, renew faith, and find the right way.

The protection icon is an image of the saint that people pray with to maintain peace in the home and family. Some of them help solve universal problems, while others help with special requests, depending on the saint and their live.