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The Museum of Russian Icon Joined the Union of Museums of Russia

Not so long ago, we wrote about our first collaborative project with the Museum of Russian Icon, the largest private collection of Orthodox Christian art in Russia, numbering about 4,500 unique museum pieces. As you already know, the result of this partnership is an exhaustive catalog about some of the best examples of antique Russian icons painted in the 18th – 19th centuries. It took us two years to write this amazing book, and we are very proud to introduce it to the world. However, this would not have been possible without the help of the Museum of Russian Icon and dedicated specialists working there, which makes us especially happy to share the news that the Museum of Russian Icon joined the Union of Museums of Russia on November 15.

Founded by Mikhail Abramov in 2006, the Museum of Russian Icon is a relatively new museum that has already achieved great success not only in Russia but throughout the world. Featuring a unique collection of Orthodox Christian art, which contains thousands of exhibits from different periods, starting from the Late Roman and even Antique pieces to the early 20th-century Russian icon paintings, it is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for all connoisseurs of religious art. Besides, it also includes exceptional samples of Byzantine and Russian Applied Art, some of which do not have matches even in the richest collections of many renowned state museums. Thereby, it is no wonder that according to the decision of the General Meeting of the Members of the Union of Museums of Russia, the Museum of Russian Icon became a well-deserved member of the Union. This significant event took place on November 15, at the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Union of Museums of Russia

It is also worth noting that on November 16, Mikhail Abramov, the founder of the Museum of Russian Icon and President of LLC “BONORG,” was awarded the Patron of the Year Award for acquisition and transfer of the unique icon “The Resurrection – The Descent into Hell with the Scenes of the Passion of Christ” to the Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve located in Yaroslavl, Russia. The award was given by Vladimir Medinskiy, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, within the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

Mikhail Abramov

Our sincere congratulations to Mikhail Abramov and the Museum of Russian Icon for their high achievements!

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