Most Popular Symbols in Sacral Art

Most Popular Symbols in Sacral Art

Deep inner meanings have always existed in sacral art. The entire religious world consists of divine, invisible symbols that make each religion meaningful and distinctive from others. Some Christian symbols can be easily recognized and interpreted, but the majority of them are difficult to unravel and trace the roots of their origin. In this blog post, we offer you a closer look at some of the most popular symbols in sacral art.

Most popular symbols in sacral art

1. A cross

It is not hard to guess that one of the most recognizable and well-known symbols in Christianity is the cross. It is the oldest symbol that reminds the faithful of the death of Jesus Christ and His suffering to atone for the sins of all mankind.

2. A dove

This bird often appears in religious paintings and Christian icons as a sign of peace and a symbol of divine purity. The dove is also mentioned in the Bible when identifying the Holy Spirit, as it came down to earth when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.

3. A circle

Simple symbols in sacral art often carry a very deep meaning. Let’s take, for example, a circle. It symbolizes the infinite and everlasting nature of God. Its perfect symmetry represents a balance that can be seen in everything associated with the divine and spiritual beginning.

4. An anchor

This religious symbol bears a resemblance to another Christian symbol, the cross. In ancient times, it was widely used by sailors, many of whom were early Christians. The anchor also symbolizes strength and fortitude. It is no wonder that it is often used in jewelry for the design of amulets and medallions.

5. A lion

A lion is another religious symbol denoting strength and wisdom. It is interesting that in Christian paintings, the lion is sometimes depicted winged. In such a case, it symbolizes the Apostle and Evangelist Mark.

6. A dragon

The dragon is traditionally used to refer to the devil and the sinful nature of human beings. It often appears in Christian icons of St. George the Victorious, where the saint enters into a battle with the dragon and defeats it. This image symbolizes the eternal struggle between the good and the evil.

Symbols in sacral art are deep and endowed with a special meaning. They have been used by people since ancient times. Every sacred icon, as well as every religious painting, necessarily contains various symbols that are interesting to look for and interpret. Try for yourself!