Christian Icons of Saint George and the Dragon

Christian Icons of Saint George and the Dragon

The variety of Christian icons is impressive. They come in different forms and depict different images. However, there is one thing that is common to all of them. It is considered that religious icons depict reality, though quite often in a specific way that is far from naturalistic. Thus, whether it comes to icons of saints, icons of Jesus Christ, or festal icons, they present certain real figures and events from the Bible, something that happened centuries ago and something that has a great meaning for humanity. Along with that, there are also holy icons that depict stories that are more like a fairy tale. One of them is the icon of Saint George and the Dragon. So, what does this icon tell us about and what does it mean?

Christian icons of Saint George and the Dragon

Christian icons of Saint George and the Dragon tell the story of Saint George defeating a dragon, the first record of which was found in the 11th-century Georgian text. Saint George is a legendary saint who is highly venerated by Christian believers around the world. George was a soldier of Cappadocian Greek origins who was executed near Lydda, Palestine in 303 AD for his faith in Christ. He is one of the most prominent military saints, who is believed to help military men and their families and to protect people against natural disasters. His faith, strength, and courage are immortalized in the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

Icons of Saint George and the Dragon depict the miracle of Saint George, which took place in Libya. According to the legend, Saint George killed the dragon causing panic at the city of Silene. The king was so grateful to George that he built a church on that spot, and a spring with miraculous water that cured all diseases flowed from its altar. This legend has several variations in Christian art, but the meaning is always the same.

Saint George was a martyr who became a saint for his deeds and his faith. With the blessing of Christ, he defeated the dragon that demanded human sacrifices. The dragon in this story represents the Devil, hence the overall meaning of the icon: the victory of good over evil. Thus, Christian icons of Saint George and the Dragon don’t tell the real story; they are rather symbolic, which, however, does not make them less important and meaningful. People turn to them all the time, asking God to work miracles through Saint George and help them in times of need.