Icon Boards at the Online Store La-Ram

Icon Boards at the Online Store La-Ram

Creating icons is a skill requiring a high degree of knowledge and a full commitment. As you probably know, one of the traditional materials used in the process of icon creation is an icon board. However, icon boards, along with other materials and supplies needed for icon painting, are not something that can be found just anywhere. Moreover, to find high-quality ones is quite a challenge. Thankfully, we know an amazing online store selling wooden boards for icons and many more. It is La-Ram that is located in Kruševac, Serbia. But first, let’s figure out what an icon board is and how it is made.

What is an icon board?

The basis for creating a relief icon is a wooden piece with special construction, which is called an icon board. Icon boards are traditionally made of linden, alder, cypress, cedar, and oak. They may be of different sizes and shapes. For example, for the image of a saint in full length, icon painters use a height arched board, as it has an elongated shape, with a rounded upper part. Traditional Russian-style boards may also have an indentation around the border, which is called ‘kovcheg.’

When purchasing an icon board, icon painters often consider such aspects as the age of the material used, type of wood, the composition of gesso, and paint characteristics. All this allows them to choose the best boards for painting holy images.

Icon boards at La-Ram

Icon Boards at the Online Store La-RamThe Serbian store La-Ram is a perfect place for dedicated artists and icon painters. You can purchase at this store a full range of high-quality art supplies related to painting, drawing, engraving, and many more, either online or by visiting it in person in Kruševac, Serbia. La-Ram was founded in 1999 and has long been one of the leading art supplies manufacturers and stores in the country. Its qualified team has a deep knowledge of art goods and constantly expands the range of art materials and supplies to meet the needs of any customer.

It is impossible not to mention that La-Ram manufactures and sells a wide selection of wooden icon boards. Among its best products are rectangular round-arch 60×50 boards featuring two wedges with dovetail joints at the back. Such a construction is essential to the board, as it prevents it from bending. It is needless to say that all wooden boards are made by La-Ram using top-quality materials, making each of them an excellent choice for a solid and durable icon.

Russian Icon highly recommends that you visit the incredible La-Ram store and check their selection of supplies and other materials needed for creating art and traditional religious icons in particular.

Photo credit: La-Ram/la-ram.com

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