Icon of St. Luke painting the Theotokos of Vladimir, 16th century

A Hand-Painted Icon as a Gift

Gift-giving has been an integral part of human culture since ancient times. Christmas, birthday, anniversary, and wedding are just four of many special occasions that come to mind when we think about giving and receiving gifts. However, did you know that a hand-painted icon can also be a perfect gift for almost any occasion? Moreover, you can give such an icon to literally any Orthodox person, be it your business partner, family member, or friend. Besides, both antique and modern religious icons make a perfect gift to a church, monastery, hospital, Orthodox school, or any other church-related institution. In general, a hand-painted icon is a noble and meaningful gift that can be additionally passed down from generation to generation.

What hand-painted icon to choose for a special occasion?

As it has been already said, a hand-painted icon can serve as a gift for almost any occasion. However, if you want to choose the right religious icon for the right occasion, consider the following tips and recommendations:

  • Measured icon depicting the baby’s patron saint is a perfect gift for Orthodox Christening or Baptism. Keep in mind that such an icon should be custom painted and have the measurements matching the baby’s height on the 8th day after the birth.
  • Icon of patron saint can be given as a birthday gift to any person in case he or she is named after this saint. Moreover, since virtually every profession also has its own patron, hand-painted icons of saints can also be given for different business anniversaries and other related events.
  • Wedding icons that include the icon of Christ Pantocrator and the icon of the Mother of God are a symbol of blessing and love, which makes this pair of holy icons a perfect wedding gift giving by parents.
  • Family icon represents a hand-painted icon depicting patron saints for each family member, making it an excellent gift for any important family event. Such icons are always made to order and often remain in the family for generations, becoming a priceless family relic.
  • Votive icon is painted to remind of a special promise or in memory of a significant event. Such icons are usually kept at home, but they can also be given as a gift to a church or monastery.

As you can see, a hand-painted icon is indeed an excellent gift for almost any occasion. However, please note that no matter what Orthodox icon you choose, it must be given from the heart, together with Christian warmth and love.