Famous Religious Icons by Andrei Rublev

Famous Religious Icons by Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev (1360s – 1430) is the most famous and revered medieval Russian painter of Orthodox Christian icons and frescos, who was canonized as a saint in 1988. During his lifetime, this talented iconographer created several spiritual masterpieces that amaze with their beauty and hidden meaning even now. Rublev’s art is distinguished by a perfect combination of the classic harmony of Byzantine mannerism and the highest asceticism, which gave rise to a new stage in the development of the Moscow school of icon painting. His hand-painted icons with calm and peaceful characters are not in vain considered the ideal of Eastern Orthodox iconography. Here are the most famous religious icons created by the greatest Russian iconographer:

The Trinity

The Trinity is the most famous hand-painted icon by Andrei Rublev and the highest achievement of Russian icon art on the whole. This filled with spiritual beauty masterpiece is based on “The Hospitality of Abraham” story from the Book of Genesis. It depicts three angels symbolizing the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – sitting at a table. The icon was created in the 1420s and now is exhibited in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is another famous Orthodox icon painted by Rublev circa 1410. It was discovered by accident in the Assumption Cathedral near Zvenigorod in 1918. The precious icon was lying in a dilapidated shed under a pile of firewood. Unfortunately, it is poorly preserved, with only a part of the depiction survived. However, it is enough to see the Savior with slight facial features and a certain Slavic softness. This hand-painted icon is also exhibited in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The Nativity of Christ

The Nativity of Christ is one of Rublev’s early works painted in 1405. It depicts a number of scenes described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, with the child-Christ and His mother in the center. Every detail and scene shown in this saint icon are vested with significance and great freedom, both spiritual and spatial. The masterpiece can be found in the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow Kremlin.

The Annunciation

The Annunciation was also created by Andrei Rublev in 1405. As the name suggests, this icon depicts one of the most important biblical stories – the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was painted in bright colors to celebrate the good news brought by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary when he announced that she would become the Mother of God. The antique icon is currently held in the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow Kremlin. 

The Theotokos of Vladimir 

As you know, the Theotokos of Vladimir is one of the most venerated and famous religious icons in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is believed that the Rublev’s version of this image he created in 1409 is a copy of the original icon painted by the Evangelist Luke himself. It is now kept in the Museum of the Early Russian Culture and Art named after Andrei Rublev.

These are the most famous religious icons attributed to Andrei Rublev. Once you are in Moscow, do not miss your chance to see these amazing masterpieces of Russian icon art with your own eyes!