Christian Icons of Sts. Anne and Joachim

Christian Icons of Sts. Anne and Joachim

Christian icons of saints whose lives serve as examples of righteous and spiritual practices are highly revered in the Orthodox Church. Such relics include the icons of Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On September 22, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of these saints. Below we have covered their history and revealed the significance of their icons.

Who are Saints Joachim and Anne?

Although Saints Joachim and Anne occupy an important role in the Christian tradition, as they were the biological parents of Mary, we do not know much about them. It is commonly known that St. Joachim was a shepherd from Jerusalem, and Saint Anne was born into a priestly family. The couple lived in Nazareth and were unable to conceive a child until their old age. However, husband and wife continued living together and praying for a miracle.

One day, Joachim went into the wilderness where he prayed to the Lord for the birth of a child. Suddenly, angels appeared to him and his wife and ordered both of them to go to Jerusalem where St. Anne would conceive their long-awaited child. The couple vowed to dedicate the girl to Christianity and send her to the Jerusalem temple.

Saints Joachim and Anne are considered the patrons of women in labor and young mothers. On September 22, their feast day, it is a custom to pray for childless women and give gifts to the young mothers.

What do Christian icons of Joachim and Anne help with?

Christian icons of the righteous Joachim and Anne are highly revered in the Orthodox Church. The most famous one is the “Conception of Saint Anne,” which depicts the meeting of the couple at the Golden Gate and their joy at the news of Mary’s birth.

The icon of Joachim and Anne can serve as a great gift for young mothers and couples who want to strengthen their love. Besides, Christian icons of the saints help childless mothers conceive a long-awaited child, giving them strength and patience. On the day of honoring the memory of the Virgin’s parents, believers go to church or stay at home to pray with saints’ icons for the health of their families and children, happy relationships, and the strengthening of their faith.

The righteous Joachim and Anne are a good example of true marriage and spirituality that granted the spouses a child. Read our new blog posts to learn about other Christian saints and their icons.