Antique Russian Icons for Sale at Vladimir’s Antiques

Antique Russian Icons for Sale at Vladimir’s Antiques

To buy a beautiful icon for your home is not a big problem these days. Religious icons in all their forms are often sold in churches, monasteries, and specialized stores around the world. However, if you want to buy an authentic antique icon for your private collection, this process becomes much more complicated. Since there are many fakes on the market, such items should be purchased from only reliable sellers. For example, you may check the current antiques auctions offering antique Russian icons for sale, or you may contact a trustworthy dealer specializing in selling these unique pieces of religious history. One such dealer is Vladimir’s Antiques in New York.

Vladimir’s Antiques

Vladimir’s Antiques is one of the best shops in New York offering antique Russian icons for sale. It was founded in 1992 by Vladimir Kasykin, a lifelong collector and a recognized expert in Orthodox icons, artifacts, and Russian works of art. Vladimir Kasykin is a highly educated and knowledgeable specialist with extensive experience under his belt. He has long been working with private collectors, museums, and auction houses in the US and abroad, helping them manage and build meaningful collections of religious icon art. Thanks to its dedicated owner, Vladimir’s Antiques is now a highly reputable shop with an amazing selection of authentic Greek and Russian icons for any taste.

Antique Russian icons for sale

If you check out the selection of antique Russian icons for sale at Vladimir’s Antiques, you will find many notable pieces of religious icon art. Some of the highlights include:

  • a rare 17th-century icon-triptych with the image of the Mother of God of the Kyiv Caves in the center and images of the Annunciation, saints, and apostles on the sides, which comes in silver Basma and wooden kiot;
  • a 19th-century icon of the Resurrection, with Feast Days and Passions of Christ, painted in Palekh;
  • an early 20th-century Moscow icon of New Testament Trinity covered by silver oklad and decorated with enamel;
  • a 19th-century icon of the Resurrection, with the Yearly Menaion, Twelve Feasts, and selected images of the Mother of God, painted in Mstera;
  • a large 19th-century icon of Saint Nicholas, painted in Central Russia.

These were only some of the icons offered for sale at Vladimir’s Antiques. The shop features many more exceptional examples of Russian icon art, along with various religious artifacts, silver, bronzes, and other antiques. If you are in New York, you should definitely visit this amazing shop at the famous Showplace Antique + Design Center.