Antique Icon of the Mother of God “Comfort and Consolation”

Antique Icon of the Mother of God “Comfort and Consolation”

Did you know that the ancient Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos was miraculously saved from robbers on January 21, 807 thanks to the icon of the Mother of God “Comfort and Consolation”? This antique icon that received its name after that great event still guards the monastery and comforts all parishioners with its image.

Read about the miraculous salvation of the Athos monastery and this important Orthodox icon in our today’s blog post.

The saving legend of the Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos

The Monastery of Vatopedi was named after the salvation of the emperor’s son Arcadius. According to the legend, the Mother of God carried the young prince to the shore after a shipwreck, where he was found standing under a bush. After that, the Athos monastery became known as the Monastery of Vatopedi, which is translated from the Greek as “the bush of the child.”

The miraculous story of the antique icon of the Mother of God “Comfort and Consolation” is even more astonishing.

From ancient times, there was a custom in the monastery: every day, in the outer vestibule of the monastery where the icon of Our Lady was placed, the abbot gave the keys to the monastery gate to the doorkeeper. Back then, on 21 January 807, a miracle happened. The Mother of God appeared to the abbot herself. She warned him of the impending misfortune – the invasion of robbers – and ordered to keep the gates of the monastery closed. The abbot followed the Mother of God’s command and thus saved the monastery. Besides, according to his words, the Mother of God changed her position in the icon at the time of contact.

Antique icon of the Mother of God “Comfort and Consolation”

The antique icon depicts the Mother of God with her face turned to the right shoulder. That is how, according to the legend, she appeared to the abbot. The Christ Child is depicted to the left of the image of the Theotokos. He holds a scroll in His one hand and stretches out the other to the Mother of God who touches it with her hand. The ancient image of Christ is monumental and formidable.

The antique icon of the Mother of God “Comfort and Consolation” is an important shrine for the entire Orthodox Christian Church. Prayers in front of this holy icon bring healing and comfort to the soul of every believer.

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