Russian religious icons

Why Do People Collect Russian Religious Icons?

There are numerous things that form the reasons why people purchase and collect religious artifacts. Russian religious icons are sacred objects that have gained fame as highly revered shrines not only in Russia but also around the world. Since the 20th century, these religious pieces have also acquired a collectible character. Many people purchase Russian Orthodox icons and build icon collections to adorn their homes and reveal their personalities. Below you will find some other reasons why people collect antique Russian icons. 

Why do people collect Russian religious icons?

1. Preserving old traditions

The art of icon painting is a living tradition due to the dedicated icon collectors. The history of icons is marked by countless events leading to the degradation of holy icons, and yet the tradition of iconography has miraculously survived and is flourishing in today’s world. Therefore, many people are now inspired to continue and develop Russian religious art. 

2. Aesthetic beauty

Russian religious icons are also collected because of their aesthetic beauty making them similar to fine art pieces. Holy icons please the eye of the viewer with their vivid and harmonious images, magical reverse perspective, and spiritual meaning. 

3. Belonging to a community

It is always a thrilling moment when you join a certain community. Russian icon collectors are avid art lovers and trained icon experts ready to share their experiences and discuss the latest discoveries. To join such a community is another good reason to collect Russian religious icons. 

4. Expanding the horizon

Russian Orthodox icons are unique pieces that teach people theology and help them build new knowledge about the world. Due to the religious icons, we learn about the history of Christianity, reveal the meaning of sacral symbols, and acquire valuable knowledge about icon painting and fine art overall. Icon collectors carry out detailed research daily to expand their horizons and see common things in unusual ways. 

5. Creating your icon corner

The last but not least reason why people collect Russian religious icons is creating a home sanctuary. Religious icons are primarily holy items used to connect people with saints and God. Faithful people buy the pieces for their homes so that they can return there and pray with them.

For many people, icon collecting is a hobby that means a lot. Russian Orthodox icons are beautiful holy objects that admire collectors with their sacred purpose and aesthetic visual nature.