The Myrrh-Streaming Icons in Russia

The Myrrh-Streaming Icons in Russia

The myrrh-streaming icon is a miraculous phenomenon in the Christian world, which continues to occur even today. Up to the 20th century, the wonder of myrrh was a rare, exceptional event. Mass myrrh-streaming icons in Russia were observed only at the beginning of the 1920s. Being scientifically noninterpretive, such icons carry an inexplicable sign, which some claim to be a grace while others consider a terrifying omen. So what exactly is the streaming of myrrh, and where can you find such holy icons?

What is a myrrh-streaming icon?

Holy Scripture provides no information about the streaming of myrrh. All references to this phenomenon are contained only in Sacred Tradition. This miracle is caused by the appearance of the pale oily substance on icons and relics of the saints, which emits a savor. The type, color, and shape of the drops vary. The myrrh is often flowing from certain points on the icon, such as the eyes or hands of the holy figures.

However, the myrrh-streaming icon is not referred to as the most wonderworking icon in the Christian world. Usually, it reveals its healing power through prayers before or after the streaming of myrrh, which indicates the holiness of the icon and the presence of God.

The myrrh-streaming icons in Russia

There are many churches and monasteries with the myrrh-streaming icons throughout Russia. On 8 February 2020, people in the village of Urusovo in the Tula Province witnessed the wonder of myrrh of the icon of Our Lady of the Sign in the Church of the Archangel Michael. Since then, the icon has been weeping every few days. It is worth noting that the news of the myrrh-streaming icon has brought increased attention of the faithful to this region and the church in particular.

The wonder of myrrh is also noticed in the village church in the Lipetsk Province of Russia. It is hard to imagine but this church is home to nearly 20 myrrh-streaming sacred items. Besides the thirteen icons, two crosses, a Gospel book, and two chalices are all miraculously streaming myrrh. The invaluable Heavenly oil is spilled to everyone who wants to heal their illnesses.

A dreadful omen or grace?

Such a phenomenon as the streaming of myrrh remains unexplainable in the Christian world. The mass streaming of myrrh of the icons in Russia has so far been recorded on the eve of large-scale cataclysms, for example, before the revolution of 1917. However, most priests claim that this phenomenon is nothing more than a manifestation of the love of God. Through the miracles that happen to icons in Russia, He recalls His presence in the hearts of all believers.

Photo credit: Flickr User Mr.TinDC / CC BY-ND 2.0