Saint Kassia, a Byzantine Poet and Hymnographer

Saint Kassia, a Byzantine Poet and Hymnographer

As a history lover, you’ve got to appreciate the greatness women mobilized and achieved throughout history. One such woman is Saint Kassia, a 9th-century Byzantine nun who is recognized as one of the most phenomenal and enigmatic poets of all time. Her life was punctuated with courage, beauty, and achievement. According to the specialists at, Saint Kassia often appears in various history papers dedicated to phenomenal women, and for a good reason.

Saint Kassia was so good at what she did and exuded so much confidence that the Emperor of Constantinople wanted to marry her. However, Kassia was so deeply rooted in her purpose that being Empress did not intrigue her. So, contrary to what many women would have done during her time, she rejected the marriage proposal to focus on being an abbess.

Perhaps, her good judgment can be attributed to her well-educated background. Kassia came from a well-off family, so she was lucky enough to study and expand her life’s perspective. She is an adequate demonstration of the importance of education in the path our lives take. Continue reading to learn why Saint Kassia is a woman you should look up to.

Kassia’s contribution to poetry by Christian women

You likely don’t think about Christian saints as anything else other than servants of God who serve in the church. So when you hear about a saint who was a poet and a hymnographer, it’s quite interesting; it piques your curiosity, and you want to know more about this person.

If you explore the anthologies of poetry created by women, Kassia will be among the first names you encounter because of her tremendous contribution. A fascinating and resounding voice remains loud even after so many centuries.

Kassia refused to be identified only as a nun; she believed that she could find more purpose in her life aside from serving in the church. Her courage to chart her own path as a religious Byzantine woman made her prominent and revered by men and women alike.

Wrapping Up

Saint Kassia used her literary and musical talents to leave a mark on the world, and her presence in both the poetic and religious world can still be felt. Few facts about her real life are known, but that did not stop her from transcending throughout history. A lesson we can take from her is to live a purposeful life and let the universe take care of the rest. If you wish to be remembered, all that is required from you is to be your truest self.