Review of Our Russian Icon Catalog Received from Uglich

Review of Oleg Kushnirskiy’s Russian Icon Catalog Received from Uglich

One of the best things about the Russian Icon Collection project is that we get to share our work with people around the globe. It is especially meaningful to us that our catalog of Oleg Kushnirskiy’s collection of antique Russian icons, which was assembled almost entirely in the United States, has been so well received by cultural and educational institutions in Russia. In November 2023, we presented it at the Uglich State Historical, Architectural, and Art Museum, which was a very important event for our team for many reasons. Today, we would like to share that we have received another gift from Uglich — the Surikov Central Library provided a review of our Russian icon catalog.

Review of Oleg Kushnirskiy’s Russian Icon Catalog Received from Uglich

Uglich, one of the oldest cities in Russia, holds a special place in our hearts. It is where the history of the icon painting tradition is preserved to this day thanks to the efforts of many passionate people in the fields of education, culture, and enlightenment. Besides, some icons from our collection were created in the Yaroslavl region, which directly connects our project to the legacy of local icon painters. Last year, Russian Icon Collection had the opportunity to share the newly published catalog, “Russian Icons from the Mid-17th to the Early 20th Century. The Oleg Kushnirskiy Collection,” with the people of Uglich.

Recently, we had the honor of having our book reviewed by М. V. Shaiderova, Head of the Department of Local History at the Surikov Central Library in Uglich. In her eloquent and detailed review, Shaiderova mentions that our catalog became a valuable addition to the library collection. We are beyond happy to hear that our book was well-received by both regular readers and librarians. It is especially wonderful to hear that Oleg Kushnirskiy’s Russian icon catalog serves as a guide for specialists organizing events and exhibitions dedicated to icons at the library.

One of our main goals is to share the beauty and richness of the Russian icon painting tradition with as many people as possible. Thanks to the help of institutions like the Surikov Central Library in Uglich, we can continue doing what we love most. At Russian Icon Collection, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude toward the representatives of this important institution. We admire the cause of the Surikov Central Library and wish it prosperity and success.