Icons and Paintings by the Greek Master Andreas Piperidis

Icons and Paintings by the Greek Master Andreas Piperidis

A sense of reverence and serenity comes to one who contemplates antique icons or religious paintings. It is a process of experiencing the importance of cultural heritage and the preservation of historical value. These days, there are not many masters around the world, who create contemporary art pieces filled with such feelings and sensations. Therefore, we are especially pleased to introduce a remarkable artist and iconographer whose icons and paintings are mesmerizing in both beauty and meaning. Please meet the Greek master Andreas Piperidis!

Andreas Piperidis, a talented Greek self-taught artistIcons and Paintings by the Greek Master Andreas Piperidis

Andreas Piperidis was born in 1973 in the beautiful city of Katerini. Located in northern Greece, this historical place attracts travelers from all over the world. Andreas Piperidis took an interest in painting in elementary school. He started with drawings and sketches and created his first painting on an old door when he was only 12. From then on, the young artist entirely devoted himself to art.

Speaking of Andreas Piperidis, one cannot help but mention the word “talent.” Without attending any art school, this man has emerged as a magnificent master of painting and iconography. It is, however, worth noting that Andreas Piperidis developed his skills due to the guidance of other talented Greek artists and icon painters, such as Giannis and Nikos Gogos.

Icons and paintings by Andreas Piperidis

Icons and Paintings by the Greek Master Andreas Piperidis

Andreas Piperidis has been creating religious icons and paintings for over 30 years. The artist mainly uses acrylic paints in his work. The primary focus of his art is portraits of saints and Byzantine-style icons. Currently, his collection comprises nearly 5,000 religious paintings and 1,000 icons. This impressive number is equal to the splendid quality, which is why Piperidis’s works are preserved in many private collections worldwide. The artist has also been featured at several group and solo shows in Greece.

Religious icons and paintings are not the only passion of the master. Andreas Piperidis is also known for creating marvelous frescoes. His contribution to contemporary Christian art can be seen in four temples throughout his home country.

Andreas Piperidis is an outstanding contemporary artist whose religious icons and paintings are striking in their spirituality and power to evoke pure human senses. If you ever have a chance, do not miss the opportunity to see his art pieces with your own eyes. We are sure you will appreciate his talent!

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