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Here’s How We Appraise and Buy Russian Icons

Today, many owners of precious Christian relics decide to sell their old Russian icons. A logical question arises – to whom to turn with their antique Orthodox icons for sale so that to receive an adequate appraisal of the icon’s value and market price. At Russian Icon, we buy Russian icons after their expert evaluation according to a set of criteria – quality, age, rarity, condition, desirability, and region in which the icon was produced.


An icon’s quality should not be confused for its condition. Quality means the performance of the icon, presence of the fine detail and bright pigment, as well as the sophistication of the brush strokes. Some icons look simplistic, while others are realistic and deeply detailed.


The icon’s condition determines its price as well. The better it is preserved, the higher it is priced. However, some collectors prefer to buy Russian icons in their intact, old-looking condition because it creates a more natural feel of an old relic.


Professional icon appraisers at Russian Icon look at the region in which the icon was produced. Some schools enjoy greater popularity than others, so, for instance, a rare, old icon painted by a representative of the famous Palekh school will surely be priced times higher than an icon of the same condition and age but produced by an unknown artist.


By a rule of thumb, antique icons are priced higher than young icons. In such a way, you definitely have higher chances to get more money for Russian religious icons of, let’s say, the 15th- or 16th-century production rather than for a 19th-century work. However, it’s not a universal rule since a Russian icon’s value is also determined by the school and the painter.


Some types of icons are more appreciated than others because they are rare. Icons like “The Last Judgment” are unique, so collectors buy Russian icons of this kind for much higher prices than more common icons may be sold.


Demand for a specific icon determines its market price; in such a way, appreciators of icons depicting specific saints or specific religious scenes buy Russian icons of this kind for premium prices. It’s better to monitor the market for such inquiries as your icon may be a highly desirable item for some collector.

Get your item appraised today – there may be a serious collector waiting to buy Russian icons from your collection!