Melchizedek, the King of Salem

5 Interesting Facts about Melchizedek, the King of Salem

Melchizedek, the king of Salem, is one of the most mysterious biblical figures. Although there is little known about him, he is considered an important figure in Christianity. Melchizedek was both a king and a priest of Jerusalem and was highly revered by Abraham. We have gathered the five most interesting facts about his life you should know. 

5 interesting facts about Melchizedek, the king of Salem 

1. Melchizedek is mentioned in three books of the Bible

Melchizedek is mentioned in the Psalms, Genesis, and Hebrews. The Old Testament describes his royal priesthood, while the Epistle compares Melchizedek to Jesus. All the books indicate that he lived in the time of Abraham.

2. Melchizedek’s lineage is unknown

The identity of Melchizedek is mysterious since there are no official records of his ancestry, family, etc. Along with that, various versions of his ancestry exist. For example, according to one Jewish legend, Melchizedek, the king of Salem, might have been Shem, the eldest son of Noah. Some early Christians also believed he was a manifestation of the Son of God.

3. Melchizedek was a priest of God

The Book of Genesis says that Melchizedek was both a priest and a king. He was quite a well-known preacher throughout Salem (Jerusalem). In religious icons, he is depicted wearing the attire of a high priest and holding a plate with bread and wine (symbols of Holy Communion).

It is not known how exactly Melchizedek served God and people, but we can assume that he acted as a mediator between the heavenly and earthly worlds, blessing the people of Jerusalem on behalf of the Lord.

4. Melchizedek lived during Abraham’s rule

The Old Testament describes Melchizedek’s meeting with Abraham after the victory of the latter over the four kings of the east. Melchizedek came out to bless Abraham with bread and wine (image: “Abraham and Melchisedek” by Dieric Bouts the Elder). It is also known that he accepted a tenth of Abraham’s possessions.

5. Melchizedek as an image of Christ

Some theological texts hold that Melchizedek, the king of Salem, is Jesus Christ Himself. The arguments are as follows: he, like Christ, came to the world to proclaim the word of God; both were kings and priests of the Most High; their origins are unknown; the reference to bread and wine is a reflection of Holy Communion. It is worth noting, however, that Jesus Christ is also sometimes compared to Abraham and Adam, so one should not center on this particular statement.

These were 5 intriguing facts about Melchizedek, the king and priest of Jerusalem. Don’t miss our new blog posts about other important religious figures!