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Although there are amazing relics in every religion, no one will argue with the fact that breathtaking artifacts belonging to the Eastern Orthodox liturgy are truly magnificent. For this reason, besides the museum-quality antique Russian icons and Orthodox icon literature, we also present an excellent collection of religious artifacts for sale that can easily become a symbol of your religious faith, as well as a wonderful memory piece for your beloved ones. This is especially true for those who appreciate the unique beauty of the Orthodox religion relics that can be shared by the family for generations. In this way, except for authentic Orthodox icons of Christ, the Mother of God, or exceptional hand-painted icons of Saints that will definitely become the best gift for a special religious occasion, you may want to find something more personal and special. This is where you should browse our unique collection of religious artifacts for sale!

At RussianIcon, we offer a large selection of small Russian icons and beautifully crafted Eastern Orthodox Church crosses in all possible styles, from traditional to more artful and embellished, including engraved and enameled pieces, as well as very special crucifixes made of precious metals. Moreover, here you can find hand-painted boxes, carved religious figures, chalices, reliquaries of different types, and other items that belong to Christian relics. All of the antique Russian icons and religious artifacts for sale presented on our website are 100% authentic, which is confirmed by respected and reliable appraisers and proven experts. This simply means that if you are going to buy one of our first-class relics or any other object of faith available in our religious icons store, be sure, you will get an original piece that you will cherish for a lifetime. In this way, if you are looking for an authentic artifact for private veneration, find an impression of our excellent collection! What’s more, please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find something exceptional that is not displayed on this website.

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