RussianIcon specializes not only in museum-quality Eastern Orthodox Church icons and religious artifacts for sale – we also offer a wide range of related literature published in Russia, as well as in the US and Great Britain. This is particularly important for novice collectors of hand-painted Orthodox icons who want to know everything about these unique treasures of traditional Christian art. In this way, if you are just thinking about collecting antique Russian icons, start with appropriate literature! This will help you become familiar with the specific religious icons vocabulary, understand the difference between Palekh and Mstera schools, learn to spot counterfeit antique icons, and simply find real gems among a great variety of available icons for sale. Moreover, each book presented in our religious icons store is the easiest way for you to bring the inspiration and blessing to your home, not to mention that all of them are sacred gifts that can please any Christian believer. Browse our exquisite collection of Orthodox icon literature to find that special book you are looking for!

At RussianIcon, we offer literature on Christian art, Eastern Orthodox iconography, books on the Divine services, literature on dogmatic, books about God’s signs, miracles, and lives of Saints, works on the Russian and other Orthodox Churches, books on appraisal, stories about religious icons and feasts, spiritual teachings and discussions, talks, lectures, history of Russian icons and religion, and many others. Furthermore, in this category, you can also find Christian audio books and other types of CD, DVD, and MP3 materials related to Eastern Orthodox Church icons, religious artifacts, holy places, historical documentaries, and so on. However, if you cannot find literature or information you require, do not hesitate to contact us! At RussianIcon, we will do our best to provide you with everything you need no matter what exactly you are looking for!

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