Layaway process

To help you not to bury yourself in credit card debt, at Russian Icon, we offer a very simple layaway plan so that you could get any of our authentic antique Russian icons in the most convenient for you way! All you need to do is to make four equal payments within 90 days, and we will send your Orthodox icon after the last one is received!

Each of the payments makes up 25% of the item’s total cost. The first one is a down payment. It means that once we receive the first payment of 25%, we will put your Russian icon on hold. In case you change your mind about it, your down payment will be returned within 14 days of the purchase date. Moreover, if you make any of the other three payments within that 14 days, we will refund those as well.

Upon choosing your payment plan, you will receive an email from Russian Icon with payment instructions and information about the dates these payments are due, as well as in what amounts. For making each payment, you will be given a 5-day grace period. In addition, you will receive an email on the day before each successive payment is due, and also a reminder email on each of the 5 days following the due date or until you make the payment. Please note that if you miss the window on one of these four payments, the transaction will be cancelled. Otherwise, after the last payment is made, there is nothing left to do except to enjoy your unique Russian icon of museum quality!

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