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Miracle of St. George and the Dragon


Antique Icons in the Collection of the Moscow’s Museum of Russian Icon

In this blog post, we want to tell you about several unique antique icons from the collection of the Moscow’s

Icon of the Mother of God “Seven Arrows”


Russian Orthodox Icons of the Mother of God

Our Lady of Vladimir, Our Lady of Kazan, and Our Lady of the Sign are among the most outstanding Russian

The Unexpected Joy icon of the Mother of God


Where to Buy Icons?

Whether it comes to modern religious icons or antique Russian icons, all of them are considered windows into heaven, which help

Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sinai


Monastery Icons of Mount Sinai

Antique monastery icons are some of the most important and venerated in the Christian community, many of which are additionally

Blessed Be the Host of the King of Heaven (The Church Militant)


The State Tretyakov Gallery to Open a New Exhibition of Antique Russian Icons

The Moscow’s State Tretyakov Gallery in collaboration with the Republic of Tatarstan will open a new exhibition of paintings, manuscripts,

Russian Icon of Christ Pantocrator, the Mother of God, and St. John the Baptist


Russian Icons Results at Doyle New York

Several days ago, Doyle New York held this year’s first Russian Works of Art Sale featuring more than 135 lots

Our Lady of Vladimir


Where to Find Miracle-Working Russian Icons of the Mother of God?

Antique Russian icons are unique, and not only because they were painted by hand. The truth is that each religious

Triptych Icon of Christ, the Mother of God, and John the Baptist


Russian Icons to Be Auctioned at Doyle New York

On January 31, Doyle New York will hold its first Russian Works of Art Sale this year. Featuring a beautiful

Icon of St. Gabriel of Bialystok, 19th century


Orthodox Icons of Saints to Pray with in Trouble

Orthodox Christians and Catholics are just two of many religious groups honoring holy men and women, who serve as role

Sts. Ferapont and Martinian icon, 18th century


Holy Icons and Saints Venerated on January 25

Today, the entire Orthodox Church celebrates many important events and commemorates many important saints. However, since it is impossible to

Icons of St. Christopher


Most Strange Saints and Their Christian Icons

Most likely, you have heard about St. Christopher and his Christian icons that are believed to protect travelers and drivers on

Our Lady of Tenderness and The Holy Martyrs Eustathius and Thekla


Antique Icons of the Mother of God from the Rostov Kremlin State Museum

Founded by Rostov merchants A. Titov and I. Shlyakov in 1883, the Rostov Kremlin State Museum is now recognized as one

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