All museum-quality Russian icons and other religious artifacts featured on RussianIcon are 100% authentic or your money back! This is the truth that cannot be questioned, as each item has been seen and carefully checked by, at least, one highly respected specialist on Orthodox Church icons, as well as by Oleg Kushnirskiy himself, a distinguished expert and appraiser of antique Russian icons. Thus, we guarantee that all of the items are 100% authentic, original, and, what is also very important, truly antique.

At RussianIcon, we always specify the exact condition, the dating, and the type of school of each Russian icon featured on this website. We guarantee that all the Orthodox icon descriptions that we use are edited and confirmed by professional experts from various museums of Russia. Moreover, you can always inquire for a condition report prior to buy religious icons from RussianIcon. You are sure to get absolutely truthful information about the item and guarantee of its authenticity confirmed by authority figures in the sphere of antique Russian icons of museum quality.

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