RussianIcon specializes in the valuation, appraisal, and investigation for the purpose of authenticity and authentication of Eastern Orthodox icons, in particular antique Russian icons that include museum-quality items and very rare collectibles. Providing professional Orthodox icon appraisal services for over 25 years, we have incredible knowledge and skills along with direct access to the internationally recognized museum and auction house consultants and experts on religion icons, who can be provided upon request. One of such specialists is the founder of RussianIcon Oleg Kushnirskiy – a true professional who has dedicated most of his passion, life, and studies to learning and collecting antique Russian icons. In this way, when it comes to appraisals and estimates, we can say with confidence that our team of recognized experts is able to create comprehensive and detailed assessments with justified values and present its findings to you in a professional manner. You will know exactly what your Russian icon is worth on the today’s religious icon art market!

Although appraisals of antique masterpieces, in particular Eastern Orthodox Church icons, are often subjective and can vary from expert to expert due to the fact that all religious icons differ in one way or another, we always strive to provide the most accurate valuation for the appraisals. What is more, many people mistakenly assume that selling Russian religious icons at the auction market is the best option. However, considering a number of fees and commissions, not all of them are suitable for auction sale. At RussianIcon, we take into consideration all of the possible factors that may affect the price or your profits and provide a range of options for your particular Orthodox icon, including the price you can get from a private client or at an auction sale, as well as the price that we would be willing to pay you in order to resell the item at our Russian icons gallery. Thus, working with qualified Orthodox icon specialists with extensive experience in valuing works of religious icon art and in-depth knowledge of the contemporary market, we provide very detailed appraisals that you can easily use as a reference when either buying or selling your antique Russian icon. Moreover, having a professional appraisal will let you know the religious icon’s value to make sure that it is correctly covered by your insurance carrier.

There are several types of Orthodox icon appraisals, and each of them represents different values and needs. Our qualified team of experts on Eastern Orthodox Church icons can explain and assist you in deciding which type of appraisal you really need. As you probably know, there are no two antique Russian icons that are absolutely the same. Furthermore, the price of such pieces depends not only on the author’s skills, used materials, age, rarity, and condition but also on the historical and art value for the world, to say nothing of one-of-a-kind and museum-quality antique icons. Each of them requires a special approach and extensive knowledge in the particular field. However, leaving aside unique antique Russian icons, the price of more modern religious icons depends on several basic parameters that can enhance or reduce their value. These include:

  • Manufacturing technique and materials used in the creation of hand-painted Orthodox icons, including precious metals and golden background;
  • “School” of the religious icon;
  • Distinctive traits of the iconographer who painted the Orthodox icon (they can be found in the color palette and the brightness of colors, as well as in the faces of the depicted figures);
  • Dimensions of the religious icon;
  • Condition of the icon and its art value, etc.

Be sure, RussianIcon provides high-quality professional services you deserve! In addition to our wide experience and vast information resources, including historical and exhibition information, our experts make use of the extensive auction house price record database to offer an opinion of fair market value. Being honest with our clients, we do not claim to be experts on absolutely all religious icon art forms. However, by possessing a set of trained skills, especially when it comes to antique Russian icons, and strong links with the best appraisers and valuers assisting private collectors, insurance companies, corporations, world-known auction houses, and legal professionals, we have the ability to research any of your Russian icons in its cultural and historical contexts and provide you with sound professional guidance. No matter what particular needs you have or what your situation is, RussianIcon is on your side! We understand your concerns, listen to your requirements, and take into consideration your appraisal budget. Once we reach an agreement, our professional credentials and academic qualifications will work together to serve your needs. Our comments on your Orthodox icon will always be supported by facts and evidence. So if you are looking for quality, objectivity, and fairness, please contact RussianIcon now!

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