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In today’s religious icon art market fraught with lots of pitfalls, especially when it comes to antique Russian icons, people from all over the world are looking for advice on how to buy and collect religious icons with confidence. This is where Russian Icon can help you professionally! Being almost a quarter of the century in the business of collecting, buying, and selling authentic Orthodox icons of museum quality, the company’s founder Oleg Kushnirskiy has personally assisted and helped build very strong collections for numerous private art collectors and dealers. That is why, we take pride in saying that we not only know the subject of Eastern Orthodox icon but also can advise on the taste and antiquity, as well as adequately give proper advice to our fellow Russian icon collectors and dealers and guide them in the right direction. The fact is that the oldest icon not always has the most value. Quite often, the quality of work, the school, and the iconographer are more important than people think. So if you do not want to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, it’s high time to choose professional advisory and management services provided by reliable experts in Eastern Orthodox icons.

Oleg Kushnirskiy, president of Russian Icon, is an authority on antique Russian icons (16th C. – 19th C.) and a recognized leader in the Russian icon consulting world. He provides a professional, personalized approach to the business, whether for the purchase or selling of a single museum-quality icon or developing an entire collection of rare religious artifacts. Furthermore, if there are things that Oleg and our fellow workers at Russian Icon do not know, we have direct contacts with some of the world’s best leading experts in the Russian icon museums throughout the globe, who are always ready to consult. Our encyclopedic knowledge of the religious icon art market with a focus on antique Russian icons results in well-thought-out, individualized programs developed around design, quality, taste, image, and, what is also important, budget. Besides, thanks to our reputation and expertise, we have unique access to private religious icon collections and very special Russian icons of museum quality, like rare Menaion icons created by Palekh iconographers.

It is important to understand that in today’s very fragile stock and real estate situation, the market of fine art and antiques is one of the safest and most stable to put your money in, which is confirmed by many leading experts with a worldwide reputation. That is exactly the reason why many corporations and big funds are constantly buying fine art objects and antiques as a long-term and very cautious investment. Russian icons have long been among these items, although a bit specific and not as widespread as modern art. They are truly exceptional religious artifacts (some of them are one-of-a-kind), the uniqueness and spiritual significance of which can capture the imagination with ease. That is why the popularity of this art form is growing from year to year. For instance, in 2005, Russian Orthodox Church icons and other religious artifacts went under the hammer at Christie’s auction for $140,000 while in 2010, devotional art pieces were sold for $14 million. Thereby, whether you are already a collector of antique Russian icons or just going to establish your own collection, you are on the right track! However, you may need professional help and assistance from a group of specialists with wide experience, who can advise on selling and buying Russian icons, or a personal expert able to suggest in terms of collection value, what items are the best to purchase, and which of them are truly rare and unique. All this and much more you can find here, at Russian Icon! Our team will support you and respond to you in a timely manner, no matter your requests and needs.

Living with museum-quality Eastern Orthodox icons is above all a privilege, but antique Russian icons ownership is also a great responsibility to the whole collection, as well as to its each particular piece. Moreover, every single item has its own unique history, which can greatly influence its worth. This is where you may need our independent Advisory & Management service! At Russian Icon, we are ready to support you in maximizing and safeguarding your religious icon collection’s value, both idealistic and monetary. It is especially important for those who are going to sell some of their precious possessions in future. Therefore, except for professional advisory service, we also offer Russian icon collection management services that include:

  • Authentication
  • Security, storage, and display recommendations
  • Administration
  • Restoration and conservation of antique Russian icons
  • Curatorial services
  • Record keeping
  • Historical and provenance research
  • Condition investigation
  • Title search
  • Orthodox icons disposition and/or upgrade
  • Publication and exhibition
  • Transportation and handling of even the most valuable and fragile antique Russian icons
  • Professional packing for local and international shipping
  • Estimation of fair market value for insurance and tax purposes

Personal support for buyers and sellers of museum-quality Russian Orthodox Church icons is very important to us. We guide our clients and serve as a liaison to private religious icon collectors, dealers, galleries, and well-known auction houses. Being Russian icon collectors ourselves, we have the strongest bonds and references with the most influential people and institutions in the sphere of Eastern Orthodox icons. Thus, Russian Icon is a unique website that represents the latest and the most accurate compilation of all the knowledge we have gained over the years. We hope that you will enjoy our expert services and all of the exceptional Russian icons and other religious artifacts featured on this website!

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